Ken left Grammar School in 1962 and joined the Metal Box Company in the UK as a Craft Apprentice, during which time he gained his ONC Mech. Eng. from Worcester Technical College. He was then transferred to a StudentApprenticeship and studied Production Engineering and Management at Loughborough University where he gained his BSc.

After leaving university, Ken joined the Metal Box Research and Development establishment where he designed special purpose production machinery for the group.

In 1969 Ken joined the United Glass Company and designed glass factories, services and production equipment.

In 1971 Ken had a change of career and joined Zephyr Cams as a Technical Sales Rep covering Southern Britain for the company that manufactured cams and camshafts for machinery manufacturers and the automobile industry.

He decided to take a year off between 1973 and 1974 and travelled overland to South Africa where he eventually settled and obtained a job with Ermalin designing and installing large conveyor systems in Johannesburg.

Ken decided that if he was to stay in South Africa it had to be in Cape Town and on his way there took some time off to assist in the running of a Pony Trekking company in Lesotho. In 1976 he finally arrived in Cape Town and secured a job with DRG Plastic Moulders designing plastic packaging. In 1980 he was promoted to the Sales manager in Johannesburg until the DRG group of companies were sold to the Kohler Group in 1983

In 1983 he returned to Cape Town to start, together with the ex MD of DRG Plastics, what is known today as Elvinco Plastics in Atlantis. This lasted 2 years until the company was sold and Ken started his own company Kent Agencies and sold plastic related products in the Cape Town region.

In 1986 Ken joined Plastamid as the Cape Town Sales Manager. During his time at Plastamid the company implemented an MRP II system and Ken took on the role of the Project Leader and later became Operation Manager of the company.

Ken later joined the MCBA computer company in 1993 that had supplied the software for the MRP II implementation and worked for them until 1995 when their offices were moved to Johannesburg and Ken decided to stay in Cape Town and work for himself which is when he founded Kent Outsourcing Services.

During the years from the MRP II implementation at Plastamid, Ken had become very involved in the Association for Operations Management (SAPICS) and its education programs and had ultimately become President of the society in South Africa. This gave Ken the opportunity to present the APICS international certification programs and with his experience in the MRP II industry to consult with companies and assist them with their implementations.

Since 1995 Ken has worked with over 200 companies assisting them in all aspects of their manufacturing planning and control systems and providing their employees with education courses to raise their level of understanding of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management.

Most of Ken’s work has been in Southern Africa, but more recently he has run programs in Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, USA, UK, Ireland, France, India, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Mauritius, Singapore and Lebanon.

Ken has been very involved in SAPICS and APICS over the last 30 years, being an Ex-Board Member of SAPICS and the SAPICS Past President on two occasions. Ken is an instructor for all the SAPICS and APICS programs.

Ken is currently very involved with Instructor Development for APICS and runs instructor training programs in various parts of the world.

More recently, Ken has become involved as an Affiliate and instructor for the Demand Driven Institute and runs the Demand Driven Planner and Leader programs