Certified In Planning And Inventory Management (CPIM)

The APICS CPIM Learning System delivers comprehensive, personalized, and streamlined CPIM exam preparation. Designed using a proven approach for teaching adult learners, this program helps you understand, apply and engage with CPIM-focused content.

The CPIM Learning System and preparation courses are broken down into 8 modules.

Module 1: Supply Chains and Strategy

Section A: Supply Chains, the Environment, and Strategy
Section B: Strategic Scope and Objectives
Section C: Developing and Managing Organizational Strategy
Section D: Functional and Operational Strategies
Section E: Environments, Types, and Layouts
Section F: Performance Monitoring and KPIs
Section G: Risk Management
Section H: Capital Equipment and Facilities
Section I: Sustainability Strategies

Module 2: Sales and Operations Planning

Section A: S&OP Purpose and Process
Section B: Aggregate Demand and Supply Plans
Section C: Reconciling S&OP Plans

Module 3: Demand

Section A: Demand Management
Section B: Sources of Demand/Forecasting
Section C: Forecast Performance

Module 4: Supply

Section A: Creating and Validating the Master Schedule
Section B: Using and Maintaining the Master Schedule
Section C: Material Requirements Planning
Section D: CRP and Scheduling
Section E: Suppliers and Purchasing
Section F: Changes and Product Life Cycle Management

Module 5: Detailed Schedules

Section A: Planning Detailed Schedules
Section B: Scheduling and PAC Methods
Section C: Creating Production and Service Schedules
Section D: Managing Detailed Schedules and Scheduling Materials

Module 6: Inventory

Section A: Inventory Planning
Section B: Inventory and Product Costs, Value, and Metrics
Section C: Itemized Inventory Management
Section D: Inventory Control

Module 7: Distribution

Section A: Planning Distribution
Section B: Replenishment and Order Management
Section C: Waste Hierarchy and Reverse Logistics

Module 8: Quality, Technology, and Continuous Improvement

Section A: Quality
Section B: Technology
Section C: Continuous Improvement